The Great COGIC What If? The Great Church of God in Christ What If?


The Great COGIC What If? What if this really hapened? Here’s a Scenario That Prayerfully Won’t Happen But Could!

2007-Presiding Bishop G. E. Patterson goes home to be with the Lord.

2007-Bishop Charles E. Blake becomes Presiding Bishop

November 2007-Presiding Bishop Charles Blake is upset in the Election by One of His Opponents on The General Board.

November 2008-The New Presiding Bishop elected in 2007 is upset in 2008 by another opponent on The General Board.

2009-New Presiding Bishop elected in 2008 goes home to be with the Lord because by this time everyone that runs and has a chance of winning is well advanced in age! New 1st Asst. ascends to the Office of Presiding Bishop and is then forced to run again at the next November Meeting where he is defeated!

We have the distinct possibility of having 5+ Presiding Bishops in less than 3 years! What is wrong with this picture? We had better get a grip on this! We need to unify around 1 leader, everyone can not be Presiding Bishop even if they are popular and politically savvy enough to catch the office! Are we campaigning when we should be praying? We need to get rid of all of these opposing camps for the good of the denomination! This is scary and could actually happen!

Pastor Stephen Smith

Sure House Church, Inc.