Christians and Web 2.0!

There are many Christians on various social networking websites! The pages of Facebook, MySpace, and YouTube are filled with many Christians who are boldly proclaiming their faith! Saved For Real.Com is a new Christian Social Networking Website that will be the place for those who boldly proclaim their Christian Faith!

Saved For Real.Com


Judgemental Christians

Has there ever been a day when there has been so many judgemental Christians? Does this run sinners away? Are we trying to clean the fish before we even catch the fish? Many judgemental Christians have not even dealt with their own personal shortcomings. They act as if God is condeming everyone else but them. Can we be a tad less judgemental as Christians?

A Chain or a Crown?

I was speaking with another preacher the other day and I was kidding with him that he would soon be wearing a gold chain, which would symbolize his ascent to the bishopric in our denomination. He then went on to tell me that he is not working on wearing a gold chain, but his focus was on one day wearing a crown. This stimulated me to think that it is totally amazing that some preachers aspire to reach man made benchmarks of success instead of God’s benchmark of success. We are living in a day when everyone has an armorbearer and some have adjutants, but the question of the hour is will some of the preachers who are seeking fame and fortune lead themselves and their armorbearers to Hell? Should we focus on the gold chain, the signet ring, the trappings of ecclesiastical success, or a title as much as we should focus on one day wearing a crown?

What is Your Take on This Year?

Will this be your year? Why? What are you hearing from God?