Heavenly Hall Of Fame Reflections!


It would take the annals of Eternity itself just for one to grasp and comprehend the greatness of God! The greatness of God can’t be contained in an age. God’s exploits in the past and even in the present doesn’t provide a glimpse of what he is going to do in the days to come. Let’s compare our quest to make heaven our home to the sports world. Since we spend so short a time here on this earth, we should not confuse this life as our regular season and our post season. I am a huge sports fan, and I can boldly submit that hardly anyone remembers those athletes who have phenomenal preseasons. Leading the league in preseason scoring doesn’t guarantee one admission to any Pro Sports Hall of Fame.

This life is simply our preseason and regular season, and our admission to The Heavenly Hall of Fame all depends on both our preseason and regular season play. Why would one become so absorbed with the goods of this life-(The Preseason/Regular Season Which Lasts About 70-80 years at most) that we would lose our chance for admission to our Heavenly Hall of Fame? What in our preseason/regular season homes can be so wonderful that we would jeapordize our postseason home which lasts for ever and ever? The MVP Awards in every major sports league are never awarded after the completion of the preseason, but after regular and postseason success. Let’s meet each other in our Heavenly Hall of Fame and not let our 70 year preseason and regular season homes ruin our eternal homes!

What profiteth a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul? Let’s spend eternity grasping the sheer greatness of God!

Pastor Stephen F. Smith

Sure House Church, Inc.