The Deliverance Ministry

The Deliverance Ministry use to be the order of the day in Pentecostal Churches. Has this ministry been overlooked while our churches have pursued the Bling Gospel and Prosperity Teaching? Are we now counseling out what we use to cast out? Jesus is still a Habit Breaker!


My Message to Gays in Church-Jesus is a Habit Breaker!

The New York Times did an interesting article on black pastors who pastor churches that have suffered considerable attrition by accepting gay members. The gay lifestyle has been in the church since the Bible Days. This is no new phenomenon, but the acceptance of the practices, and behaviors of gay members from the pulpit is a very new concept! These type of practices could set many on the path of damnation. I would submit that God hates homosexuality, and lesbianism, but he loves the homosexual and the lesbian. If we will hold the Bible as our compass, the Bible takes a firm stance against homosexuality. If one feels like they were born into homosexuality, I would humbly submit that you can be born again.

I am not advocating kicking anyone out of church at all, but I feel like an individual that is struggling with their sexuality should receive the gospel message without that message being watered down. God is a God of love, and forgiveness, but I am determined to love what he says he loves, and hate what God said he hates. It is my desire that we would win all of our brothers and sisters from “The Life”. Yes, one in “The Life” could state that the church is full of other sinners that are committing different sins at breakneck speed. That would be true! We are all sinners that are saved by grace, and our righteousness would be as filthy rags, if Christ had not died for our sins. I am firmly convinced that the Gospel can deliver from the guttermost to the uppermost.

God can deliver you from your demons. God can change your lifestyle. God can mend the broken pieces of your life. One would be heartless to not be empathetic, and sympathetic towards the millions who may have been pushed towards the homosexual lifestyle because they were molested. God can bring you out of the straitjacket of sin, and out of homosexuality. I still believe that the soul that sinneth shall die. One does not have to maintain a lifestyle that doesn’t please God. Sexual Perversion is on the increase in both the heterosexual ,and homosexual communities. I submit to you that there is a devil loose. The Internet is chock full of perverse sexual material. Why would a preacher who has a MySpace page add young ladies, or for that matter young men with their bottoms out as a friend?

Our ministry has a MySpace Page in order to get the Word out, but I couldn’t add the drop it like it’s hot photos, and profiles of hundreds who have sought to become my friends on the social networking website. God wants to deliver any that are oppressed, depressed, and possessed of the devil! God can heal you of the “I can’t help its”! The rise of AIDS in many communities should signify that there is definitely a devil loose! We bind all and sexual perversions, demons, imps, sexual spirits, and lust demons in the name of Jesus! We bind the spirit of the down low, and the spirit of the up high! Jesus is still a Habit Breaker!

Pastor Stephen F. Smith

Sure House Church, Inc.