You Need The Holy Ghost!

The late Bishop Gilbert E. Patterson tells the Saints that You Need The Holy Ghost!

Pastor Jackie McCullough is Definitely a Holiness Preacher!

Pastor Jackie McCullough is Definitely a Holiness Preacher! She preaches on Preparing Your Heart for the Lord in these clips! This is my favorite female preacher on the evangelistic circuit, and she is one of favorite preachers period! She preaches a straight forward message and I played this tape until it was worn out!


The Uncompromising Gospel

Prophet Brian Carn, Jr. preaches The Uncompromising Gospel!

Evangelist Carolyn Showell!

Evangelist Carolyn Showell preaches with power in this clip!

Singing Pentecostal Style!

Singing Pentecostal Style! Need I say more!

Pentecostal Campmeetings

Bishop George Bloomer is preaching in these clips at Pastor Rod Parsley’s Dominion Campmeeting!

Rev. Dwight Thompson

Rev. Dwight Thompson is one of America’s favorite Pentecostal Evangelists!