Let’s Get Ready To Rumble!

I am thinking of all of the mindless assaults on one’s being that we all suffer in this thing called life! In life there is a hodge podge of gut-punches and uppercuts, that one will have to bear! However; I am confident that you are one of those who will boldly go the distance! You may feel like you are out on your feet, but I see the Fight Being Called On Your Behalf! Victory Is Yours! Now Let’s Get Ready to Rumble!

God Says The Fight Isn’t Over Until He Says It Over! I see you wearing the crown of a true champion!


Pray Hannah Pray!

Pray Hannah Pray! This adorable little lady literally prays up a storm! She knows the word to! Three years old and praying like this, Wow!

Keep Holding To God’s Hands!

Keep Holding To God’s Hands! Duranice Pace and The Central Georgia State Choir powerfully sing, “Keep Holding To His Hands”!

This is off the chain!

When It’s Just You and Your Faith Against the World!

When It’s Just You and Your Faith Against the World!

When It’s Just You and Your Faith Against the World! You are in prime territory for God to do the incredible in your life! God will give you the strength to stand even when it appears like you are on your last leg! Your Faith In God Will Help You To Overcome Any and All that seek to keep you down! Now let your faith take you into some unchartered territory! True Faith never waits for numbers to move!

Your Brother In The Struggle,
Pastor Stephen F. Smith

Lord Deliver Me From the Seven Times Hotter!

Lord Deliver Me From the Seven Times Hotter!

I am preaching and teaching in these clips of being Delivered From the Seven Times Hotter!

Let It Go!

Let It Go! COGIC Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake powerfully preaches with power in this message at Apostolic Church of God in Chicago, Illinois which is pastored by Bishop Arthur Brazier!

Jesus Can Work It Out!

Jesus Can Work It Out! Oh Yes He Can!

Jesus Can Work It Out if You Let Him!