OH Yes, Carla Tolbert Taylor Can Sing!

OH Yes, Carla Tolbert Taylor Can Sing!

This young lady has the skills, and the anointing! She rarely disappoints! She is an extreme talent!

For the Good of Them That Love the Lord!

That incredible Memphis “Holiness Singer“, Carla Tolbert-Taylor, does it again as she sings For the Good of Them That Love the Lord!

This young lady needs to be on somebody’s Gospel Label!

When the Outlook is Gloomy, the Uplook is Glorious!

When the Outlook is Gloomy the Uplook is Glorious! In the midst of crazy economic times, we must be resolute to trust God more than ever. Isn’t it truly amazing that those who have totally put their trust in things have really had their entire world rocked? When one puts his or her trust in things that are temporal one is doomed to suffer disappointment after disappointment. I submit to you that despite the gloomy financial forecasts that are being given out every day, that God is a Restorer, and he can give us back everything that the devil has stolen from us. Let’s trust in Jesus and Take Everything Back that the devil has managed to get from us. Always remember that when the outlook is gloomy, the uplook is glorious!

I know that uplook is not a word, but this was an awesome quote from the late Bishop G. E. Patterson! God is going to richly bless all of those who seek His Kingdom and His Righteousness first! Despite a gloomy financial prognosis for our nation, we serve a God that can truly make a way when no other can!


Has Carla Tolbert Taylor’s Day Finally Come?

Has Carla Tolbert Taylor’s Day Finally Come? Carla Tolbert Taylor is an anointed singer out of Memphis,Tennessee whose singing can often boggle the minds of those who listen to her. I attended church with her during my days at Temple of Deliverance Church of God in Christ in Memphis,Tennessee. She is an awesome singer, and she was raised in Holiness. She doesn’t just sing, but she loves the God that she sings about. There are many times that I have wondered out loud, “When would Carla’s day finally come?” It is ironic sometimes that some of the most talented, and the most anointed artists never seem to get their big break!

Well much like Galatians Chapter 6 and verse 9 espouses, I believe that Carla is finally about to enter into her due season. Carla recently won a local Gospel Superfest Competition and she will be representing the Memphis Area in the national competition! I am including a couple of videos of Carla singing the praises of God, including one that she sang at my Pastoral Installation Service. The taping of a couple of the later videos was not that great, but one can still hear what an awesome talent Mrs. Taylor is! If you agree with me. please log on to Gospel Superfest’s Website that I have displayed a link to below. Once there click on the Opening Act Contest and cast your vote for Memphis’ Own Carla Tolbert Taylor!

This young lady is anointed! She is a gift to the Body of Christ!

Gospel Superfest.Com

Lord Endow Me With the Holy Ghost!

Lord Endow Me With the Holy Ghost! Carla Tolbert-Taylor is an incredible singer, enjoy her singing Endow Me!