Don’t Throw That Rock!

Bishop Charles E. Blake boldly preaches Don’t Throw That Rock!

1. You have no right to throw that Rock.

2. In the design of both man and woman a designer is revealed.

3. God created our sexuality and compatibility.


Enjoy This Dialogue on Survival From Bishop Charles E. Blake!

Enjoy This Dialogue on Survival From Bishop Charles E. Blake!

1. How to survive gossip and people who lie on you.

2. What to do when your enemy tries to bring you down.

3. God will prepare a table before you in the presence of your enemies.

God Has a Net Breaking/Boat Sinking Blessing in Store For You!

God Has a Net Breaking/Boat Sinking Blessing in Store For You! Bishop Charles E. Blake shares this word of uplift to all believers that don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, once they have launched out into the deep!

1. Launch out into the deep.

2. The story of the man who staked his claim.

3. Success does not immunize you from tiredness.

4. Make up in your mind that you are not going to quit.

A Mother In The Midst of Adversity!

A Mother in the Midst of Adversity! Bishop Charles E. Blake preaches this word of encouragement for all of those mothers who deal with adversity on an almost daily basis.

1. Have you felt you were all alone as a mother?

2. What do you do as a Mother alone raising your kids.

3. Why should I not run away as a mother and start all over.

4. What is the benefit of confronting my problems.

5. If you know a mother who feels alone and need uplifting, this is a message for her.

Though your beginning was small your latter end shall greatly increase.

God Has Your Back!

Bishop Charles E. Blake powerfully preaches God Has Your Back!

Enjoy Some Good Preaching While You Are Surfing!

These sermons by Bishop Charles E. Blake will fill your surfing time with some Good Word!

The Importance of Marriage!

Bishop Charles E. Blake speaks powerfully on The Importance of Marriage!

Why is Marriage so Important in the sight of God?
What should I do for my mate?
How should I choose my mate?
What happens when I yoke with someone who I am not married to?
Marriage is like an adhesive, when you separate it, there is a tearing emotionally,spiritually,physically.
How am I suppose to love my mate?
Why do some mates look for something to argue about?
How am I suppose to act in my future marriage?
These answers and much more in one of the most awesome sermons that will enhance your marriage!