Final Response to Play Theologians/Pretend Standard Bearers

I have run into a bunch of Internet Groupies-(Make Believe Internet Bishops and Apostles) who feel like they are the standard bearers for God in these last days. I didn’t respond to these individuals because I don’t know them, nor did I see the need to respond to anyone who sends in sarcastic posts or posts that are simply combative. Many of their posts are mean spirited and do not reflect the Spirit of God. However; I am eagerly praying for them. How can one slander an individual when one doesn’t know anything about that individual? God simply fights all of my battles! I simply don’t have to fight Internet Theologians! Who are you? What are your credentials? Are you speaking the mind of God? Does the fact that one has not seen a need to post anything that you and your groupies have presented, make you angry? Give me your names, so I can call out your names in prayer. May the blessings of the Lord be upon you, I bless each one of you in the name of the Lord!