Riding the Highs and Lows of Life! When Life Sends So Many Questions Your Way?

Riding the Highs and Lows of Life! When Life Sends So Many Questions Your Way? Everyone has their own challenges! While they are not all the same, we all have to go through in this thing called life. Underneath all of these good looking profile pictures on the Web, are folks that are going through so much. We all have had the experiences of having good times, but we all know that we have to endure many valleys in this thing called life. Can anything make the pain go away? How could so many give their all to others, only to be left spurned and pushed to the side? How could others seem to travel on flowery beds of ease, while your every step seems to be filled with barking hell hounds? Will you ever get out of the financial fix that you are in? Will you ever find the love at first sight that everyone else seems to find? Will your very own Prince Charming or Cinderella ever present themselves? Will the stain of a serious mistake from the past ever stop taking its toll? Will happiness ever become more than a dream for you? Will your time ever come? Will my family ever return to the way that we used to be? Will your day to day operations stop resembling some off track spine tingling soap opera? God Oh God Can You Make All of the Pain to Stop?

Life indeed carries with it many questions. The right set of afflictions or trials will often leave us with so many questions. Often we feel that since many of us have chosen to pick up the torch of Christ, we feel like that all of our messes would be cleaned up over night. I wish I could promise you days of the sun only shining, but I do think that if there would be no rain, we would not know how to appreciate the sun right. While many of us are endeavoring to see the day where we will see a land of no midnights, but on this side on this Earth we will encounter many of the most trying of circumstances. Could it be that life somehow dealt you the wrong script? Your problems were obviously designed for someone else, Right? Folks pain is no stranger to any of us. In this life you will go through. Going through we all will, but we need to go through with a Hope that some might not have!

Our Hope should be in One that can overcome our every obstacle, One who has the power to change Time and Space on your behalf. A Faith in a Living God sends solace to so many that are fighting mind-numbing pain. God is still sitting on His Throne. God Loves You and He Cares For You! This season will soon pass! This trial didn’t come to stay, it Came to Pass! The Holy Writ’s purpose is to Reveal Jesus Christ who presents a future of promise and negates a negative past! God can and will deliver you from all of the aforementioned questions that life presents! God is a cure and the Answer for your every problem and your every question!

God Sees and God Knows what you are going through. Don’t lose your mind over that which Your Loving Heavenly Father Controls Any Way! God can turn the mess that you call your life into a message! There are better days ahead for each of you, and it is my sincere prayer that you will overcome the lows of life, and you will find the Answer to all of life’s questions! You Can Make It! You Can Take It! You Can Endure It! You Can Overcome It! Your Can Get It Back! You Can Soar Once Again! Your Health Can Come Back! Your Drive Can Come Back! You Can Once Again Soar and Compete with the Best! My prayers are with you, and I see You Rising in the days to come!

Your Brother In Christ,
Pastor Stephen F. Smith


Kim Burrell Can Sing Like Few Others!

Kim Burrell Can Sing Like Few Others!

Nothing else needs to be said!

Bishop Charles E. Blake is a Cutting Edge Thinker!

Bishop Charles E. Blake is a Cutting Edge Thinker! Bishop Blake holds this great interview with Dr. Loran Mann!

The Presiding Bishop of The Church of God in Christ, Inc. definitely has an agenda! I am proud to have such a leader! He has plans for the church to impact our communities in a greater way!