Rev. Dwight Thompson

Rev. Dwight Thompson is one of America’s favorite Pentecostal Evangelists!

6 Responses

  1. Thank God for preachers like Dwight , that’s what I call
    getting down to brass task,telling it like it is

  2. Dear Beloved Evangelists, Rev. Dwight Thompson in Christ,

    Greetings to you in the most highly exalted name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
    It is really a great privilege but God has given to share something with you about my ministry and Vision for your kind co-operation. I take the promise from Mathew: 7.7 and approach you for your kind consideration for our ministry. I may be knocking at your door at an odd time, but with the promise that it will be fulfilled. We are a team of youngsters with a great zeal and enthusiasm to extend the kingdom of God in India.
    We have been doing this Gospel Evangelism work since last 12 years. We have fellow Gospel workers and Pastors to Co-operate with us for the extension of the kingdom of God . Our Gospel work is mainly done in rural, tribal and remote slum areas. Our aim is to reach every nook and corner and promote the Gospel to every perishing soul in Entire India.
    Dear, if we want to see Gods moving in entire India we need your encouragement and prayer. Hence we request you pray for us so that our Lord will enable us to achieve our Goals.
    Please visit us in India to preach and teach in our Pastors meeting and Churches and in Our Gospel Crusades. Please feel free to know more about our ministry.
    Please join your hands in ours to save the Precious souls for Jesus Christ. We sincerely pray for your welfare and prosperity.
    We are looking to receive your mail soon,
    With our Best Regards
    Thanking you,

    Yours in His eternal grace

    Evangelist. Rev. Devanandam Junapudi
    President and Director
    A Non Denominational Organization
    Registration Act 35 of 2001 with Regd. No. 243 OF 2005

    Door. No: 17-11-37/1,
    22nd Ward, Indira Colony,
    PONNUR-522 124,
    Andhra Pradesh,
    Office Phone: 0091-8643 318266
    Hand Phone 0091 996 352 2197
    Fax: 0091-863-2215354

  3. Hello I was hoping to find Dwights son Dwight Jr if anyone knows my email is

  4. Dear Dr Dwight Thompason
    Greetings, I am cordially inviting you to india
    I do serve you an invitation letter to conduct crusades and Pastors seminars
    with love
    please contact

  5. Dear Volunteers, Pastors., college students
    Welcoem to to india do to mission work, especially college students bopys and girls
    to help in the orphanages and schools
    with love

  6. One of the greatest sermons I ever herd! Amen,and Amen! It needed to be said Thank God!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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