You Are An Achiever!

You Are An Achiever! I am speaking to the achiever in you! You Can Still Accomplish all that you have dreamed of! Your dreams are not dashed, and there is still time on the clock for you to see them come true! Yes “Your Dreams Can Still Come True”! You Can Still Make It To The Winner’s Circle For All To See! God Wouldn’t Have Given You The Dream Unless He Knew That The Fulfillment Of That Dream Already Resided In You! Do It Big!

Your Coach In Christ,

Pastor Stephen F. Smith

One Response

  1. I promise you. I am in the process of settling in my spirit that the thing that I have been working on since 2002 was over and not supposed to happen. I feel like an under achiever in this area and was writing it off and going to rejoyce about at least seeing that the dream and goal wasn’t for me.

    You web page came across my mind as I occasionally review your blogs. I was reasoning that I should stop praying and trusting and face the reality of the endeavor. I said that there is not enough time to do this because I am not getting any younger (only looking younger (lol) Thanks for the encouragement. I see that God is concerned…..


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