Prophet Brian Carn

Prophet Brian Carn ministers powerfully at St. James Church of God in Christ, Inc. in Chicago, Illinois!


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  1. Praise the lord prophet may god bless you. I’m a young man like you i was raised in baptist churches. i was call to preach the word of the lord.At the age 17. I’m 22 years old now im ready to step out and do what he want i need edvise prophet.

  2. Praise the Lord man of God I am a 31year old woman who have been preaching for 5years and when I watched how you let God use you I felt a praise.I have been raised up in a cogic church in brooklyn Ny, and been called to preach the gospel. May God continue to bless you even the more to preach the word of God.

  3. Prophet Brian Carn’s Contact Information- He can be contacted for speaking engagements by contacting him as follows

    Healing House Ministries
    P.O. Box 11507
    Jacksonville, FL 32239

    Administrative Office:
    Booking Information – email a formal letter of invitation including requested dates to:
    Andrea Carn:

  4. I have been watching your programs on the vedios on the computer. you are truely a great prophet . Iam praying for strenth, and understanding, power. wisdow, I have accepted Jesus Christ for my saviour for two years now. I read the Bible , so I am asking God for better understanding, I know that god can do anything but fail. I am asking you to pray for me, as I contiune to do gods will. and i will keep watching and praying that god will keep you,and contiue to bless you to don his will . God Bless prophet Cran Jr. Love sister Bernice

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