Encourage Yourself!

Pastor Stephen F. Smith encourages the Saints to encourage themselves in the Lord as David did in 1st Samuel 30! Correction: At the beginning of this tape I meant to say when David and his men returned from battle to Ziklag! Excuse the faux paus!




I Found Jesus!

Twinkie Clark sings I Found Jesus!

Jesus Dropped the Charges!

How many of you are like The O’Neal Twins in being happy about how Jesus Dropped the Charges against all believers?

Prophetess Sharon Seay Eiland

Prophetess Sharon Seay Eiland is a powerful orator!

A Trip to Job’s House!

A Trip to Job’s House! Pastor Jerry Black takes us on a trip to Job’s House!

Can These Dry Bones Live?

Pastor Jasper W. Williams, Jr. preaches, “Can These Dry Bones Live”?

J Moss and Karen Clark-Sheard!

J Moss and Karen Clark Sheard are both exceptionally talented individuals! I guess it runs in the family!