It Should Be Illegal For Evangelist Lillian Lloyd to Sing One More Chance at Pastor Willie James Campbell’s Church!

It Should Be Illegal For Evangelist Lillian Lloyd to Sing One More Chance at Pastor Willie James Campbell’s Church! As if the Saints at St. James Church of God in Christ, Inc. in Chicago, Illinois needed one more reason to cut a step! Pastor Campbell is one of the greatest preachers in The Church of God in Christ, Inc.!

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  1. I want to bring her for my convocation – how do I contact her?


  2. God bless you I would love for her to speak at our women’s conference how can I contact her.

  3. Evangelist Lillian Lloyd she is somebodys Singing Female Preacher
    YOU GO GIRL if you got it you just got it for the LORDS SAKE remember

    the reason you do what you do is because of 1 MORE CHANCE BE BLESSED!

  4. THank you JESUS for sending a woman who can deliver a song like that.

  5. praise the lord god is wrothly of all the praise god gave me one more chance i hi pastor lizzan loyld i remmber i met u before u was at my convocation at Shekinah Glory deliverance ministries and i was talked to u praise god until we meet again one more chance

  6. I would I contact her to book her for our pastor and co pastor anniversary in April??

    Thank you!

  7. Oh my God!! She preached at one of my spiritual mothers womens conferences last night (the woman within ministries) and ohhhhh did she bless us!! Awesome woman of God!!!

  8. Just keep on singing the way you do.God is the reason for this great annointing you have. Souls will be delivered and the unsave save. He is a God of second chance.You touch my soul in a mighty way I listen to this every night before I go to bed. Keep praising him the wayyou do.

  9. I need this powerful evangelist at my conference, how can I get her?

  10. The Shift has taking place this is the hour to go forth all of GOD people are freed. where’s the SPIRIT of the LORD is there’s freedom!! Go , Go, Evangelist Lillian Llyod if you ever need us call us we’ll be here for you . Great Woman of GOD.! (716) 844-8849

  11. Evangelist Lillian Llyod, has moved out of in trying to please man she’s walking in the level of obedience ; the Scribes and th Chief Priest did not understand Jesus?
    get right or get left!! Gina

  12. Wow!!!!!!!! I absolutley love Lillian Lloyd. She is wonderful. Every time i listen to One More Chance it ministers to me. Be blessed……. I’m too excited to keep typing…. lol

  13. Evangelist Lillian Lloyd will be ministering in Durham, NC Dec. 3-4 for those of you who want to hear a powerful word from God. You won’t want to miss out. Services start night at 7:00pm
    Event: Victory Temple Holy Church 13th Annual Church Convocation
    When: Dec 3-4, 2009
    3630 Old Chapel Hill Road
    Durham, NC 27707
    Time: 7:00pm

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