The Power of The Holy Ghost!

The late Bishop G. E. Patterson preaches on The Power of The Holy Ghost!

Just Say Yes Lord!

Just Say Yes Lord! The late Bishop G. E. Patterson sang the Yes Lord Praise as enthusiastically as any other could, and he led many of the greatest Invitations to Christ that I have ever witnessed!

The Seriousness of the Hour!

Pastor Dennis Martin preaches on The Seriousness of the Hour in which we now live!

Pastor Martin is quite a preacher!

Go Strengthen Yourself!

Pastor Dennis Martin encourages the Saints of God to Go Strengthen Themselves!

Preach Dennis!

Your Tears are Temporary!

Bishop J. D. Wiley sings that the tears of those that love the Lord will be Temporary!

Weeping will not last forever! You will come out of that situation no matter how gloomy it may appear! God’s Going to Wipe Your Every Tear Away!

Don’t Wait Till the Battle is Over to Shout Now!

Walter Hawkins and The Love Center Choir powerfully sings Don’t Wait Till the Battle is Over to Shout Now!

Let’s shout right now while our land is in the middle of an enemy onslaught! For we know that our God can and will deliver us!

We Are Free to Praise You!

The late Bishop G. E. Patterson, and the Saints of Temple of Deliverance Church of God in Christ sing We are Free to Praise You in this clip from yesteryear!