This Servant of God Will Be Missed!

Bishop G. E. Patterson was a wonderful man! He was the Presiding Bishop of the Church of God in Christ, Inc. Bishop G. E. Patterson went to be home with the Lord at the age of 67. Enjoy this clip of a man whose preaching blessed so many across the world! The Commercial Appeal in Memphis,Tennessee did a wonderful story on Bishop Patterson. One can sign the guest book for Bishop G. E. Patterson online at this web link. My life was definitely blessed by the life of Bishop G. E. Patterson. This servant of God will truly be missed by many!

4 Responses

  1. Bishop G.E. Patterson was an aweson man in he Lord. I never met him but I was inspired by him through his powerful preaching of the Word ofGod.Bishop
    Patterson was a down home preacher so much so that any level of a person could be blessed by his ministry.He will be solely missed by millions.

    Rev E.Tinsley in North Carolina

  2. I truly miss Bishop, he pave the way for many preachers, and music artist looking for a break. Bishop, voice is is heard in our home every Sunday, and will continue to be an inspirational light to me and my family. I got the pleasure to visit the church in 2006, as an afternoon tour. Thank you to the saints of the most high. Bishop take your rest. Love, Sis Denise Hall, 2007

  3. Bishop patterson, minstery have been a blessing for me and my family We always look forward every Sunday to seeing him.He will be sadly miss.May God bless his family.

  4. I have viewed Bishop Patterson on television for a number of years and the word that he preached touched my heart. The word was an anointed word for the time that we are living in.

    Our family will continue to pray for the immediate family of Bishop Patterson and for the church family at large.

    May God keep you in His loving care until we as believers meet in the Kingdom of God never to part again.

    Peace, Love and Joy

    Elder Rosa L. Stricklin and family

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