COGIC Preaching

Holiness in practice. Enjoy the preaching of Pastor W. James Campbell from years past. You better hold on to your mouse.

Sure House Church

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The Church of God in Christ

The Church of God in Christ has a sterling history. Many call it the flagship of the pentecostal experience. The Church of God in Christ was practicing many things that the Body of Christ finds popular long before any of these practices was fashionable. We believed in Divine Healing long before it became popular on Christian Television. I am a proud member of the Church of God in Christ. I will submit that our church at times has had it’s problems. However; I can boldly submit that despite the many attacks from outsiders on our church, one thing that our church has right is Holiness! The Church of God in Christ’s or COGIC’s members have practiced holy living for a century! I salute the Church of God in Christ for it’s pursuit of Jesus Christ and Living Holy! What do you think of the Church of God in Christ?