Preach Stephen.Com is Being Resurrected!

I’m sorry for the lack of attention that has been paid to this blog over the last several years. There has been over 1.6 Million views to this blog over its history.  This blog is being resurrected. Stay tuned for some awesome things. Follow me on Periscope at @nextlevelsteve


Evangelist Dorinda Clark-Cole

Evangelist Dorinda Clark-Cole preaches Your Assignment is in Your Hand!

Preaching 101

Bishop Noel Jones gives us his version of Preaching 101!

God I’ll Go If You Make It Easy!

God I’ll Go If You Make It Easy! Pastor Stephen F. Smith gives a word to motivate the Saints of God to action! Correction: The Scripture that contains the following-Seest thou a man dilligent in his business? he shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before mean men is Proverbs 22:29 and not Proverbs 25 verse 19! I wanted to correct that since that scripture is quoted wrong on this clip!

Rev. F. D. Sampson

Rev. F. D. Sampson closes by taking the viewers of this clip by The Cross!

Great Evangelists!

Apostle Richard Henton, and the late Prophet Nathan Simmons have graced many houses of worship with their evangelistic style of preaching!

Pastor Clinton McFarland

Pastor Clinton McFarland preaching on The Blood!