Pastor Linwood Dillard Is A Preacher’s Preacher!

Pastor Linwood Dillard Is A Preacher’s Preacher!

This guy is the genuine article!

Pastor Dillard’s Church Website

Keep Your Clothes On!

Pastor Linwood Dillard powerfully preaches Keep Your Clothes On during the 2009 COGIC AIM Convention in Tampa, Florida!

Preach Linwood Preach!

You Better Preach Linwood!

You Better Preach Linwood! Pastor Linwood Dillard is one of this nation’s up and coming preachers. This guy lives Holy! Pastor Dillard preaches Holiness! He is shown here preaching at the Church of God in Christ’s 101st Holy Convocation’s Thursday Night Service! This young man has not let preaching at The Fed Ex Forum in Memphis,Tennessee in front of 12-15,000 people change him from the humble servant of God that he has always been! This young man is a brilliant engineer that works in a governmental capacity with excellence. Just when one would think that many young preachers have gotten off on the wrong track, God always has a Ram in the Bush!

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I am glad to call this anointed young man my friend!

Preach Linwood!

Preach Linwood! No not the Rev. Linwood from the late Richard Pryor’s Movie! Pastor Linwood Dillard of Memphis,Tennessee is a Preacher’s Preacher, and a Good Friend! He is shown here preaching at Hill Memorial Church of God in Christ in Michigan!