The Apostle Of The Internet!

I Have Been Slack As It Concerns My Posting On This Blog! I Am Sorry! It Won’t Happen Again! I Have Just Been Enjoying My Facebook Fan Page So Much! The Apostle Of The Internet Is My Facebook Fan Page! Please Join Me There! It Can Be Found By Typing In The URL Below!


Pastor Stephen F. Smith


My Fan Page On Facebook Is Growing!

My Fan Page On Facebook Is Growing! This page was launched in 11-09, and it has now grown to over 2,050+ Fans! Join my Fan Page On Facebook by clicking below!

My Fan Page-The Apostle of The Internet

The Apostle Of The Internet!

I have a new Facebook Fan Page where many are joining at a rapid pace, this is a page that is dedicated to the writings or sharings of The Apostle Of The Internet! The Apostle of The Internet is yours truly! I am accepting the call to be The Apostle Of The Internet! God has giving me the writing skills, and the web savvy to reach many in this day of new media! With the spread of the internet to mobile devices, we will soon see the advent of “24/7 Wherever You Go Church”! There will soon be a day where a church can reach individuals wherever they are, no matter what they are doing!

The Web allows you to reach so many that most ministries could have never reached because of distance, or finance. You can now reach a plethora of individuals at home, work, school, or wherever they may be via the mobile web! Shouldn’t the church be poised to make the transition into the world of New/Social Media? I Say Yes Without A Doubt! Click below to access my fan page, and receive from God! We have had nearly 1,500 people join in its first 3 weeks! I see this fan page growing into the hundreds of thousands!

The Apostle Of The Internet