The Anointing!

Bishop Charles E. Blake preaches on the Anointing!

Enjoy the Preaching of Bishop Charles Edward Blake!

Enjoy the Preaching of Bishop Charles Edward Blake! Here are 4 different video sermons by this great preacher!

101st Annual COGIC Holy Convocation!

101st Annual COGIC Holy Convocation. November 3rd – 10th In Memphis, Tennessee.

When Things Begin to Whither!

Bishop Charles E. Blake preaches When Things Begin to Whither!

Emotional Survival in a Crazy World!

Bishop Charles E. Blake preaches Emotional Survival in a Crazy World!

First Lady Mae Blake!

First Lady Mae Blake continues the wonderful legacy of great COGIC First Ladies as she goes forth before delivering the morning message on Mother’s Day at West Angeles COGIC in Los Angeles, California!

First Lady Blake was no doubt raised in Holiness. She has not allowed her exposure to celebrities at every turn to turn her away from extolling the Lord. She definitely has a seat in society, yet it is wonderful to see that regardless to her husband’s being at the beck and call of Kings, and Presidents that she still values praising God more than having a seat in society! She is a wonderful First Lady for the Church, and she follows the awesome lineage of Mother Louise Patterson. The Church of God in Christ has many reasons to be proud! She represents her husband, and most importantly her God well!

Enjoy this West Angeles Praise Break!

Enjoy this West Angeles Praise Break!

The Saints at West Angeles show that they know how to pick them up and put them down!