OH Yes, Carla Tolbert Taylor Can Sing!

OH Yes, Carla Tolbert Taylor Can Sing!

This young lady has the skills, and the anointing! She rarely disappoints! She is an extreme talent!

Bishop Kenneth Ulmer Preached This One!

Bishop Kenneth Ulmer Preached This One! This was a mighty word! Here are highlights of Bishop Ulmer preaching at The Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship’s Leadership Conference in October 2008!

This was a needed word!

Turning Point!

COGIC Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake powerfully preaches Turning Point!

Let’s pray that God would lead us all into a needed turning point in our quest to reach for the best that this life, and the next has to offer!

From There!

COGIC Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake powerfully preaches From There!

Can God Bless a Barren Woman? Yes He Can!

Can God Bless a Barren Woman? Yes He Can! I have always seen the torment that comes from the enemy to many great women who have not been able to bear children for one reason or another. Whether that was a product of not having found a man suitable, or whether that is a product for some health reason that a particular lady could not bear kids. You are not a lesser individual for not having kids. One of the simplest answers that the world can give you is for you to adopt. That is so easy for others to say. Does that replace the inner yearning of one that has longed for children? I don’t think that it does. I am not against adoption at all, but the purpose of this note is to minister to those of you that have longed for kids and haven’t been able to bear them for one reason or another. In the days of the Bible, barrenness was essentially looked on as a curse, but I am coming with Holy Boldness to let you know that your worth isn’t determined by your ability to produce offspring. God loves and cares for you! It is never his desire for you to suffer heartaches over your yearning for kids.

I truly believe that God is the answer to that void in your life. Turn this burden over to the Lord, and I am sure that he will fix it. Many of you may have miscarried, or lost a child in childbirth, I submit to you that for every stripe that our Savior endured there is enough healing virtue to heal you of your heartache! You are not cursed! You are not less of a Woman! I believe with all that is in me that God Can Bless What Others Call a Barren Woman! If that is you, I am praying that God would send you a sheer tsunami of his virtue your way! I see the God and the Good in You! Stay Blessed My Sister! I know that Mother’s Day Weekend Can Be Tough! God loves you! I send out my highest regards to you, and I yet see the day when you will shine as the brightest star in the universe! God can make you fruitful in so many other ways!

Additional Note For Mother’s Day Weekend-In a week like this, it can be especially troubling for those of you that have longed for kids. I don’t have every answer, but I do know The Answer who can solve your every problem. I am busy praying for you! I don’t take this lightly; I have often heard the heartache of many over not being able to have children. I am praying for any and all that find that as the case! God will put his arms around you and love you as no other can! I am praying that God would send his fruitfulness in whatever manner he may your way! You are not cursed! You are blessed! That means you are empowered to prosper! God has his eyes on you!

Your Brother In Christ,
Elder Stephen F. Smith

The Incredible Sacrifice of a Mother! Happy Mother’s Day!

The Incredible Sacrifice of a Mother! I am the offspring of a blended family! I have 2 sisters that together we share the same mother, and via my father were I have several more siblings. Well for the better part of my life I was raised with my sisters! I have a wonderful father who in my teen years started to make money in a big way. He never let me down once he was able to do better, but this is not his day! My mother came to buy a car from me in the early-90’s, so she chose to finance a car, and when I looked at her credit app man years later, I said Momma how did you make it with 3 of us. Here we are and I am now near 30 and I see how much she is making now, and I am blown away because I don’t know how she made it with her current pay, much less what she used to make! I am nearly in tears when I saw what she made and I just didn’t see how she made it! She told me Steve it had to be God! I salute an incredible lady who did without so we could do better!

None of the three of us ever looked like rag mops, and I can’t remember much that we did without. Of course she was often stressed by the burden of raising 3 kids in her home! I am praising God for her every minute! She fusses at me a whole bunch, it comes with the territory and sometimes it gets to me, I am the willing target of her vents! One day it really got to me, and I told my cousin how she was riding me, my cousin said one thing, he shared how he would love to have another opportunity to have his mother fuss at him!

Well that set my priorities in order! That got my head straight! I am the oldest of my mom’s 3 kids, and the only boy so I guess I will always have to shoulder a bit of her load! I have seen this lady work nearly all of her life, and it is my endeavor in the days to come to continue to pay her back for the extreme sacrifice that she made for us. When my mom had me in the late 60’s she had to finish her senior year at night. I am so indebted to a lady that made an extreme sacrifice to make her kids have a better way! I have two wonderful sisters who are good citizens and making strides in the community. Thank God for all of the wonderful individuals that we call mothers!

I would fight a pack of hungry lions for this lady! I was also blessed to have a good stepmother! My wife would fight a pack of wild gorillas for our little ladies! Thank God for sending us mothers! I am praying for all that have lost their mothers! May the Lord apply his healing balm for any and every thing that is hurting you right now and in the days to come! Yes God can replace the space that you have in your heart for your mother that has gone on! Give it to him, and he will help lighten the load of morning your mother! May the Lord’s Love envelop you all weekend! Happy Mother’s Day!

Special Note on This Note: I am saluting all of the wonderful sisters out there regardless of race, creed, nationality that have been called to the awesome office of mother! Thank God to all that have gone to the brink of death, to give others Life! Mothers you are the apple of God’s eye, and certainly you are that most times in the eyes of your children! I salute all of the single moms that are making a better way for their kids! Thank God for the many substitute mothers that have raised kids that they didn’t bear! A salute to those of you who did the job for those that someone else bore! Ups to you too!

Loving God for Sending Good Mothers Our Way,
Pastor Stephen F. Smith

When It’s a Rainy Night in the Kingdom?

When It’s a Rainy Night in the Kingdom! I was thinking of the Brook Benton hit of yesteryear It’s a Rainy Night in Georgia. In one of the choruses of the song the lyrics say Lord I believe that it is raining all over the world. Now this song was never meant for those that choose to be upbeat 24/ 7, but this song had and has appeal those who have been through trying times. Could it be that there are not only raining nights in Georgia, Tennessee, California, New York, North Carolina, South Carolina, or even Alaska, but could there be some rainy nights for those that have choose to be in the Kingdom of God?

Psalm 30 verse 5 states that His anger endureth for a moment and in his favor is life, weeping may endure for a night, but Joy cometh in the morning! Can I hold up this gospel train just for a second? How many of you have ever wondered just how many tears that you have shed since coming into the Kingdom? Is there some malevolent injustice afoot here when those who have accepted the call of a loving Heavenly Father have had to shed so many tears on so many mornings, noonday’s, and nights?

Dear Lord we love you so much, yet many of us have to confess that we didn’t know that signing up for the gospel team will expose some of us to so much pain. It is quite amazing that those of us that have decided to travel the road that is less traveled have to endure on so many occasions what others would deem as a literal Hell on Earth?” Why Oh Lord Why” has been the cry for so long of so many Christians. So many have wondered Lord When in the World will this pain ever stop? I know that the Holy Writ states that a morning of joy is coming, but how many of us have nearly grown weary of looking for that morning?

Lord I have the Kingdom clothes, the Kingdom shoes, and I get a Kingdom Word on a weekly basis, why in the name of everything that is Holy, am I exposed to so many Hellish situations? Lord when will things look up for me? My brother and my sister God has heard each one of these cries from us all! We do serve a God that might not send his delivering hands at the very moment that you seek it, but we do serve a God that knows just how much you can bear, a God that will always arrive before the buzzer of your game of life goes off! We even serve a God that will send his might deliverance sometimes after the final buzzer has seemed to have gone off in your life. Our God is a deliverer as no other!

When It is a Rainy Season of Weeping for many of us Kingdom Folk so many of the world are prone to ask, If Your God is So Good then why are you going through what you are going through? I humbly submit that your trials don’t define the extent of your relationship with God. In 2nd Corinthians 11 The Apostle Paul used his trials and not his accomplishments to certify his Apostleship. He instructed others that one that is truly called to the things of God wouldn’t enter each day expecting peaches and cream. Your are being tried on a routine basis because it is the way of the righteous.

When it seems that you have done all that one could possibly do, take hold of faith, patience, and endurance because we serve a God that will never let you or I down! Those Rainy Nights in the Kingdom will never last forever even though it may seem that they will! God has you on his mind, and his thoughts of you are off of the charts! You are called to greatness regardless of the trial that you are fighting currently!

It may hurt, but you just endure and hold on because God will send his Help your way! God has not forgotten you, and our Great God has you on his mind. When It’s a Rainy Night in the Kingdom, please my brother and my sister Hold On because Joy is Coming Your Way! It is my most sincere prayer that God will put his loving arms around you in a way that you have never felt before! Our God Reigns! Always remember that when there is a Rainy Night in the Kingdom!

Thank you Lord for giving me this Word! Preachers if you want to preach this one, go head! The Lord has freely given this to me! I pray that this note will help someone that is navigating some of the most treacherous waters that there has ever been! One day the Rain will go away. Hold on my fellow Saints!God has been so good to so many of us despite our current trial. We must stop defining our relationships with God by our current trial. Your going through trials have burst you into biblical company and a kinship of sorts with many in the Holy Writ! Those that were greatly used in the Holy Writ were usually greatly opposed!

Relentless in My Pursuit of Him,

Pastor Stephen F. Smith