Bishop Kenneth Ulmer Preached This One!

Bishop Kenneth Ulmer Preached This One! This was a mighty word! Here are highlights of Bishop Ulmer preaching at The Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship’s Leadership Conference in October 2008!

This was a needed word!

2 Responses

  1. Bishop Ulmer just tells it like it is, lives it like it should be and blesses us with his teachings!

    I thank God for true men of God such as Kenneth Ulmer!

    And that’s not just Facts…’s the REAL TRUTH!!!

  2. I listened in the spirit, to Bishop Kenneth Ulmer’s message on Gen 22, how the Angel of the Most High God fully – to the spirit – elucidated the true lamb of God, our Saviour. I do preach to the young about total, unmitigated repentance, but as the office I had to vacate the offices I operated from, (this due to local government’s reconstruction program), I find myself without an operating space, and thus I beg for assistance in financing new operational space, so I can continue with the wonderful, Christ-directed work of Him, whose name is “The mighty God, the everlasting Father, the Prince of peace”, and yes, whose name is The Word (God Himself)

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