The Touch of the Master’s Hand!

The Touch of the Master’s Hand!

The story is told of a rare fiddle that was put up for auction. Initially the folks at the auction thought that this fiddle would draw a large sum of money! Well the bidding didn’t go as planned and the bids were ten dollars, twenty dollars, thirty dollars going once, going twice….suddenly a man emerged from the crowd and played the most melodious tune that has ever been heard on that fiddle! The bidding instantly went through the roof, ten thousand, twenty thousand, sold for thirty thousand dollars! What was the difference between the first bids, and the last bids on this fiddle?

The last bid was much higher because the bidding was taken after the fiddle had felt the touch of the Master’s Hands! How many of us were deemed to be one of low worth, until we also felt the touch of the Master’s Hand? You are valuable! God has you firmly on his mind! God reached way down to pick us all up, and he has destined us to sit in Heavenly Places! God also has us as the apple of his eye, and he has destined us to rule, and not to have a place amongst the beggarly elements of this world! Thank God for the touch of the Master’s Hands!

Relentless in My Pursuit of Him,
Pastor Stephen F. Smith