You Can Still Win!

I found this old clip of an Edwin Hawkins Gospel Hit called If at First You Don’t Succeed. This song conveys that there is life after failure. Many of history’s greatest became so because they all developed the ability to bounce back from failure. Many of these individuals can point to 1 failure or another in their lives that became their turning points to the road called success. How many of us have the resolve to dust ourselves off, and pick up the pieces? How many of us are willing to try one more time? How many times have we let a failure, or a disappointment keep us from the Halls of Success?

I heard Bishop Jakes say something today that set off a light bulb in my head. He said we are living in strange times where an formerly middle class family will drive their Audi to the Homeless Shelter because they have just lost their home. This is a post for encouragement sakes only. Please keep your melancholy rants to yourself, and let’s use this post to encourage someone who might be going through some of the worst days of their lives. There is light at the end of the tunnel. Keep on going fellow Saints You Can Still Win!

One Response

  1. “You Can Still Win!” is the name of a new book by Andre Taylor. The subtitle is Break Through, Bounce Back, and Call From Behind.

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