Enjoy Some Good Preaching While You Are Surfing!

These sermons by Bishop Charles E. Blake will fill your surfing time with some Good Word!

The Importance of Marriage!

Bishop Charles E. Blake speaks powerfully on The Importance of Marriage!

Why is Marriage so Important in the sight of God?
What should I do for my mate?
How should I choose my mate?
What happens when I yoke with someone who I am not married to?
Marriage is like an adhesive, when you separate it, there is a tearing emotionally,spiritually,physically.
How am I suppose to love my mate?
Why do some mates look for something to argue about?
How am I suppose to act in my future marriage?
These answers and much more in one of the most awesome sermons that will enhance your marriage!

Here are the COGIC Election Results!

Here are the COGIC Election Results! Here are the Election Results From the 101st Holy Convocation of The Church of God in Christ, Inc.!

Presiding Bishop: Charles E. Blake

General Board:

Charles E. Blake
Phillip A. Brooks
Jerry W. Macklin
George D. McKinney
Sedgwick Daniels (new member)
Wilbur W. Hamilton
Roy L. H. Winbush
Frank O. White (new member)
Chandler D. Owens
Nathaniel W. Wells
J. Neaul Haynes
Samuel L. Green

General Secretary: Joel Harley Lyles

Treasurer: Samual Leon Lowe

Financial Secretary: Frank Anthone White

Trustee Board:

Sylvia Law
Charles M. Ford
Brandon Porter
Charles H. M. Patterson
Dickerson L. S. Wells
Mildred Linzy
Josephus Shepherd
Amos Smith
Dwight Green
Cari Valita Barnes
William T. Cahoon
Dwight Walls
Georgia M. Lowe
Joseph Chase
David A. Hall, Jr.

For those of you that want official figures here they are!

Official 2008 COGIC Election Vote Count


Grateful as sang by Kim Burrell with the C.H. Mason Memorial Choir!