Pastor Corby Bush is a Preacher!

Pastor Corby Bush is a Preacher! Pastor Bush is a rising voice in The Church of God in Christ, Inc.!

This brother is preaching Holiness!


4 Responses

  1. This is my Pastor!! Our church is committed to holiness.

  2. Yes, I agree my Brother is Preaching. I understand that Bishop Blake will be at your church? What is the time and place this meeting will be held?

    Grace and Peace,
    Mother Barbara Blessed Henry
    Texas Southwest, Department of Mission President
    Region Nine/Texas & Oklahoma Chairlady

  3. I have never heard a preacher like Pastor Bush! All I can say is Glory to God for the great things he has done. Pastor is sent from Heaven. Thank you Jesus. Like Pastor Bush says, I’m go’n wait til Shiloh comes!

  4. Praise the LORD ” Brothers and Sisters
    Did’nt our hearts burn as Bishop C.Bush preach his heart out to us about Achan’s sin. We need more gospel living,HolyGhost preaching and heart convicting sermons of this sort.

    Mrs W.D.C

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