The Song Changed by Tramaine Hawkins is one of the greatest Gospel Hits of all time! Virtually every black church in America was singing this song in the late 70’s and early 80’s, and I would venture to say that one can hear this song in many churches now!

2 Responses

  1. I must agree with you that this song was very popular and well deserving of it. I remember it being sung in our church when I was a small child around maybe 6 years old. I love the song so much and it has so much meaning in my life now I was recently ordained as a deacon of my congregation and I was put in charge of the Easter program. As a child my aunt used to sing this song I asked her to sing it for our Easter program. She hasn’t sung it in over 20 years and had forgotten it and we had to teach it to the younger generation who had never even heard it but they loved it and it sounds just as beautiful now as it did over 20 years ago when our senior choir sung it. I was also shocked to see that Ms. Hawkis is still singing it herself an sung it at the President’s Inauguration Breakfast in 2009 what a blessing. I pray this song stays around for a long time because it really is a blessing.

  2. I am surprised you haven’t had more responses but this song has a whole lot of meaning and has definitely made an impact on m life.

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