Bishop Lester Love Puts a Twist on Love Songs!

Bishop Lester Love Puts a Twist on Love Songs! Bishop Lester Love who faithfully served for many years as the Armor Bearer/Chief Adjutant for the Bishop Paul S. Morton is a great preacher in his own right. He has been elevated to the Bishopric in the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship! He is a humble personable individual with a remarkable memory. In this clip he puts a twist on several secular love songs before he preaches at Mt. Zion Baptist Church in Nashville,Tennessee!

15 Responses

  1. As anointed as he is it’s a shame that he has no originality. If God wanted the devil’s music would not God have kept Satan in Heaven? But God bless this Bishop and place songs that come straight from the throne into his spirit. I believe that he will. I wish him God’s absolute Favor in his ministry.

  2. It’s totally amazing that we can be so deep sometimes. I came up with several folks in Holiness that even smiling is a sin to them. I think your comment was a tad bit mean spirited, and you don’t know this brother’s heart, or walk at all.

  3. I wrote this statement and I had to deal honestly with myself and Apologize. I truly don’t want to go that way. I had a feeling that his message was one that destroyed yokes. If I am honest with myself I would have to say that I have more issues than anyone and I sit right in the church. I honestly think it’s time out for a haters spirit and it begins with me putting my self. I’ve been a member of TOD COGIC when in Memphis and Mt. Zion in Nashville and now a COGIC in Southern California. I am sure that God gives each person their own special anointing and that’s his way of doing things. So yes with my deep wonderful self I chose to go in another direction and not throw cheap shots at God’s people. May God Bless this Man and Have Mercy on Me…..

  4. Brother I stand with you on this. We are all works in progress, and if it were not for the sheer grace of God where would we all be?

  5. God Bless Bishop Lester Love and may he continue to Prosper and Minister to God’s People the way that he is directed. I truly love the uniqueness of Mt.Zion Baptist Church. There is no model like it. I’m glad that Pastor Smith put me in check in a nice manner. I needed that……

    • It is truly a blessing to be quick to repent. It is a sign that God is truly operating in you. Stay faithful and may God direct you in all that you do or say.

      Praise God!!


  6. Biship Lester Love preaching and song ministry has inspired us. His secular touch is definately unique and spiritual. Yes Bishop, it all depends on who you serve—-Praise God.

    Do you plan to present your preaching and song ministry in the Charlotte, NC area? If so, we would be blessed to be a part of this spiritual celebration.

    M. C. Jones,

  7. i really enjoyed listening to Bishop Lester,the music get the message across wonderful. Do you go to other cities?


  9. Hey, Bishop Just Do You. Many of us spend hours making opinions on things and people whom we were that never asked. Indirectly this delivered me from a brief moment of being all that holier than thou. God is good!!!!!

  10. hello bishop no matter what people think of say you are good and god have his hands on you i enjoyed listening to your song if you are ever in atlanta ga to present your preaching i would love to come hear you ms. c daniel 2/08/2009

  11. It all depends on who you are singing to. We love you Bishop and I thank God for your ministry and I grateful to sit under a man of God as yourself. May God continue to do Good Works in you. Be blessed! God is doing awesome things in you!!!!!

  12. I would like to order the message from Bishop Lester Loves Sermon On the day he Put a twist on Love songs .

    May God Bless Yoe
    Sis. P.

  13. I would love to hear more and receive more.

    God Bless!!

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