Memphis and the Mid South Mourns the Passing of Newman Brian Teigland!

Memphis and the Mid South Mourns the Passing of Newman Brian Teigland! Memphis Weatherman Brian Teigland was a class act, and many Memphians are mourning the loss of what seemed to be such a kind man. He was a professional in every way. I even enjoyed him on Memphis Wrestling with Corey Maclin. Mr. Teigland passed away on Friday. I am including links to stories, and a video of this great man, and we are earnestly praying for the family, and loved ones that he leaves behind! He was only 53 Years Old!

MEMPHIS, TN – One of the Memphis area’s best known television news personalities died suddenly this morning. Brian Teigland, Chief Meteorologist for ABC24 and CW30’s Eyewitness News Everywhere, became ill at his home. Paramedics from the Memphis Fire Department worked to keep Teigland alive and took him to Germantown Methodist Hospital where he later died.

Brian Teigland was a mainstay in Memphis television since the early 80’s. He was a weathercaster at WREG-TV for several years, before moving to Detroit to continue his career. He had been at ABC24 and CW30 for many years. Teigland was known by the staff of Eyewitness News Everywhere as a loving father to his children and a compassionate and caring friend to his coworkers.

Eyewitness News Coverage of Brian Teigland’s Death

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