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  1. Rev. Black and family, these are the exact words placed, online, in the guestbook but it is very urgent that you know that you have my deepest sympathys. No one ever asks for these thing. But, when they came, it is good to know that there is someone there to be with us, during our time of need.

    Even though you are a Pastor, or no matter how many ties you have comforted other during their time of loss, it is still difficult to believe that God is here with you during your time of loss. But, Rev. Black and family, I assure you that He is. He is with you every step of the way.

    You may say, Lord, why didn’t you spare her life? God could have, but remember as he told us in Genisis, man is also flesh. So, it was not Him, but the flesh that we are made of that could not detain God’s spirit. Had there been something stronger than flesh of the ground, Mrs. Black would still be here with us, today.

    AS the saying goes, God may not be there when you need him, but he is alway on time. Rev, Black, Lil’ Jerry, Tangie, family, friends, members, guests, and the members of the Greater Paradise Baptist Church. Me and my family would like to encourage you to keep on living for God. Because no matter how rough times get and dispise how many things do not go our way, God is still God. Be strong. And remember, that Sister Black was just a loan that was given to us.

  2. Praying from the beginning….Praying through your struggles now….Always Praying…..

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