Bishop Jerry L. Maynard!

COGIC Bishop Jerry Maynard preaches powerfully on Isaiah 43!

2 Responses

  1. Powerful message,Hope I am still in your circle of friends, You or Sister Maynard Call me 773-734-4062.Need advice trying to do something in Guyanna and need some moral and finiancialsopport. An opportunity to share would help.

  2. greetings from New Covenant Christian Center located here in Seattle Washington,where Apostle and pastors Tony and Renee Morris are the leaders God has placed here in this a former member of Monumental Faith and Worship Center i would like to send my love and appreciation to the Bishop and his family.You have never stop being in my daily devotion to’s wonderful to see that through many obstacles,trails,and tribulations that God is true to his word and he has you right where he wants you.i have followed the success of your family and like many others we are truly blessed.much love to you and your family,and thanks for the years of being my spiritual father and friend.

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