The Spirit of Python!

Pastor Jentezen Franklin preaches powerfully to thousands of young people in this illustrated sermon, “The Spirit of Python”!

3 Responses

  1. I was blessed bythat message and would liketo have a copy so as to enable me shoot thefilm to a local concregation whom i pastor in a baptist church warr delta state Nigeria.
    i will be glad if this support is given to spread the gospel and turnthe lifes of youth in my locality.

    Yours in His Vineyard
    Timothy A.

  2. God’s day!

    I am very interested in this video but it has been removed. I know this video is pretty amazing because I had already seen “keep your underwear on”. I just want to ask a favor if it is okay to have a copy of this video so that we can view it in our church. We are fun of watching Christian movies or documentation to inspire most of the students that school near our local church. By the way I forgot to mention that I’m also a student, a graduating student (Glory to God!), taking up BS MARINE BIOLOGY in Mindanao State University at Naawan, Philippines. By God’s grace and glory I became a fully convinced Christian. Please don’t hesitate to email me.
    Thanks. God Bless…

  3. Please ! May I have a copy of this message? It sounds like a good message! And I believe I need to here this message. I could not recieve it on you tube, it was alredy taken off.

    In His care,
    Geneva Patterson

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