Senator Barack Obama’s Victory Speech!

Senator Barack Obama’s historic victory has given many Americans a reason to never stop believing in their dreams! My grandparents would have loved to see the day where a black man is The Democratic Nominee for the Presidency of The United States! Senator Obama’s victory will prayerfully inspire many young black men to work even harder on accomplishing their dreams! This goes to show that we shouldn’t let anyone limit our dreams!

Preach Boy Preach!

The late Prophet Nathan Simmons could preach so that one couldn’t say anything, but Preach Boy Preach!

Prophet Nathan Simmons Preaches to Preachers and Church Musicians!

The Late Prophet Nathan Simmons Preaches to Preachers and Church Musicians!

Pastor Patrick Wooden

Pastor Patrick Wooden of The Upper Room Church of God in Christ in North Carolina is a profound Bible Teacher!

Tomorrow About This Time!

The late Prophet Nathan Simmons preaches Tomorrow About This Time!

Cece Winans!

Cece Winans is an incredible talent! She is also quite anointed!

I Won’t Complain!

When I take a retrospective look back on my life and I see that my good days have outweighed my bad days, I have decided that I Won’t Complain! Rev. Dennis A. Meredith evidently feels the same!