Apostle David E. Taylor Says Jesus Heals Today!

Apostle David L. Taylor is a profound preacher that many of you will hear of in the near future. Apostle Taylor attended Temple of Deliverance in Memphis,Tennessee where we were once ministers together before he relocated to another city. He is a humble individual that truly loves God, and his Miracle Crusades are drawing thousands upon thousands of individuals around the world. I don’t know Benny Hinn, but I do know Apostle David E. Taylor’s ministry and his love for God! He is based out of the St. Louis Area, and I am glad to call him a friend!

Miracles in America’s Ministry Website

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  1. A. David T. God Bless you. I am so hapy to find you, I sent to you a book last week, I hope you recive soon. since last yaer I was loking for you. I am teking computer clases because I want to talk with you. wen you were here, in Chicago the Lord give me a lot of dreams, that I want to share with you.
    but the only problem, it is very hard to me to write English, if I send the dreams in Espanish, do you have some one to translete?
    the booke that I send you is about testimonies of healing, the Lord heal me of cancer and He told me I must write a book and this book must be finish in 2007, and the book was finish in August 07 when you were here. and I want to give you a copy,

  2. God Bless you Apostle Taylor! I have been looking for your website ever since I was invited to a revival in Charleston, SC in May 2008 that you were ministering at. I was so blessed by the experience and the healings that I saw demonstrated on those few nights and I know that God has so much more in store for South Carolina. I would like to know if you will be in Columbia, SC. That is where I live currently under the Leadership of Pastors Johnnie and Cindy White at Kingdom Vision Church. We would be blessed to have you in Columbia.

  3. I remember Apostle Taylor during the his time at Temple of Deliverance in Memphis. during my freshmen year at LeMoyne-Owen College he gave me a ride home from church after our Jurisdicitonal Holy Convocation. We prayed in front of the school and he sensed a “spirit of poverty” over the college and the neighborhood. Apostle Taylor then cursed that spirit of poverty. You should see that area now. The projects are torn down and replaced with family homes and the community is alive and more prosperous.

    He also agreed with me that I would graduate and do greater things and I earned the Bachelor of Science Degree am pursing the things that he spoke over my life.

    I was wondering about his ministry. He carried a quiet and humble personality always equipped with a smile. I’m glad to know that God is using him mightily.

  4. Apostle David you are a mighty, mighty man of God. You’ve been spending time with us at Ambassadors For Christ Church in Detroit. I have been truly blessed. After being in one of the meetings one evening I came home and went to bed. It was really late. I woke up and discovered my arms were raised in the position of surrender unto the Lord. I think I was worshipping in my sleep. I just want to thank you for spending time with my Pastor, Glenn R. Plummer. I pray that God keeps using you and that He takes you into an even higher place than you have ever been. Many blessings to you and your wife.

  5. I’m so thankful to God that I finally I found information about the Apostle David Taylor. Here in Lancaster we rejoiced in the Presence of our Almighty God when he visited Chicago with our spiritual father Apostle Nahum Rosario. We have shared other brothers and sisters in Christ the powerful word of the preachings in this ministry. God bless you and God bless America my desire and prayer that America comes back to the heart of worship. God Bless

  6. r u still n ministry

  7. dear apostle,i have been in ministry for fourteen years in Norfolk,Virginia.many devils have been cast out and uneven legs grown even.i am called to be a general and raise up an army.i have had an open vision where smith Wigglesworth handed me a key of faith.as well as walking past kathryn khulman and john g. lake to receive a mantle of glory.this area is not about launching the true apostolic.please i need an apostolic covering where impartation and launching can occur. i once saw you at faith alive in Va. need to meet you!757 9528272

  8. Dear apostle david E.Taylor,I am 14 yrs old an I really love the way you give your sermons…I always go to your crusades when you have them here in detroit…I came to one of your crusades when you had it at Ignited mericful minstries…I would love to really meet you in person face to face…Speaking of face to face I love your new book…An yes i have had an apperance from god an that apperance saved my mother life….well i dnt want to hold you up to long…One more thing i really belive in you an i really look up to you thanks…

  9. praise the lord
    im desperate for the lord to move in my ssituation i have a 10 month old daughter name DESTINY and a 2 year old name HONESTY and i havnt seen them in 9 month there mother STAR is under strongholds of the enemy spirit of jezabel and generational curse i want you to come and agreement the lord send the word and castdown every stronghold every demon that affecting her will flee and that i will be reunited with my girls by june4
    the communication lines are dead i dont want to do it feel like just giving its hard to live with this pain deep in my heart people say dont worry about it but its not that easy i feel like there dead and im never gonna see them again i need som direction from da lord they say he wont give u more than u can bare but i dont think i can bare anymore im all alone my heart is crushed and i miss my family and the demonic spirits in the situation are happy
    its my hearts desire to be with my family i dont understand why the lord is lettin da enemy have the upperhand why the lord dont want me to be a father most young guys run from it i run to it and the enemy have takin control of the entire situation
    and i want to be a 24 -7 father the world best dad there mother name is star ,
    is going thru a state of confusion and is under heavy bondage cause of her past and envoirment so i know the lord will deliver so im asking you to keep her prayer for a deliverence and the lines of communication will be open so i can see my kids and for deliverence and the relationship to be restored reconciled so we can be a family and i want to be able to be with them and god can get the glory out this situation
    585-288-4182 tee

    heres a pic of star for point of contact

  10. Pastor Taylor,

    I had the pleasure of meeting you and your wife in the airport in Jacksonville, FL. I hope that you and your family are fine. I have been praying for you and I thought it would be nice to hear from you. Pastor Benny’s class is going to new levels, if it were a time to come and visit ,the time would be now. The last class before the break is November 15. They would allow you to visit ,if they have the space , and if you let them know in advance. It would be great to hear from you, and even better to see you both at the last class. Pastor says that he has some very special things planned for his students next term.

    God bless you , and your wonderful family,

    Sister Terri

  11. Apostle E.Taylor,

    Know for sure your website has inspired me.Have been born again for over 6 yrs and to be frank God has blessed me but there has been one thing i have longing to have a deep intimacy with the Lord.Have prayed every prayer i know but there still was that Void.After coming across your website i realised what i have been missing in my walk with the Lord.
    Pls pls if what have read in your website is true and possible pls agree with me that Jesus will appear to me and my 3 sons…….i need this encounter to deepen my fellowship with the Lord,,,,,,,,

    My sons are teenegers and i have been trusting God that they will not follow after the world…pls apostle the same Jesus who appered to you when you had messed up your life ask him to appear to my sons that they may hunger after God like you

    Know for sure i am in Kenya and waiting for this experience…shalom

  12. APOSTLE TAYLOR, TWO weeks ago i attended an evening service @ Worldovercomers Ministries, Apostle A. R. Williams, Memphis. I sowed a 100 dollar seed and in four days i got a call a gentleman offered to buy 20 acres of our property the deal is n process now, and it will be finalized in about a week. Iwas in need of a car now i will go n pay cash for a new car, Debt free thats what God want God told me from now on out on this earth i will be Debt Free and he will supply everything that it will take for me to help his kingdom. i want to send money to help buy pumps for clean water i want to buy shoes n clothes for the children,i want to go to the power company and pay utility bills. its all about the kingdom. Praise God I thank God for raising up True Men OF God, and i Thank God i was Obedient.Glory To God. Be Bless, A Prayer Warrior, and a Mother of God’s KINGDOM

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