Pastor Gregory Askew

Here’s a clip of then Elder Gregory Askew giving the Invitation to Christ. This is from back in the day when he faithfully served on the staff of Temple of Deliverance Church of God in Christ in Memphis,Tennessee. This clip is from the early nineties so excuse the clothes. Pastor Askew now leads the Jubilee Church of God in Christ in Memphis,Tennessee. His church just moved into a wonderful new location in the Raleigh Area of Memphis,Tennessee!

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  1. Helo Friends,
    This is PASTOR KYAKULAGA DAVID pastoring a church in Iganga Town one of the towns in the nation of UGANDA.

    We begun our church in 1999 just under amango tree which we were just hiring monthly.

    But right now by the grace of God we have managed to buy our own land and even put up atemporally structure where we are fellowshiping from now.

    We have also managed to open many other churches in different parts of Uganda.please we need people like you to extend your ministry to Uganda and we organise leaders and all believers conferences and you come tobuild the kingdom of God.

    We have seen many people come to Christ even though the place where we are is mostly occupied by moslems but many of them accepted Jesus as their lord and Saviour.

    In this area we have faced many challenges like POVERY- most of the people are very poor and are leaving under the poverty line and as you know the result is because the parents can not manage to take their children to school and even can not manage to feed and cloth them the some parents become thieves to be able to survive and the boys do the same and some go to the streets and the girls become prostutes selling sex to any body and this cause HIV/AIDS to spread the more..And another challenge is HIV/AIDS -many people in thie area are affected by this epidemic of Hiv/Aids.

    God has led us to begin many activities to save the situation like aprogram called DIVINE WELFARE PROGRAM where we save our money as asmall Bank and we give small loans to people to begin small businesses to be able to survive and we also begun DIVINE CARE FOR ORPHANS AND THE NEEDY to help such people and we do this by just contributing money ,food and clothes to help them.And we have even begun a primary school for the orphans and the needy called DIVINE FINISH EDUCATION CENTRE and we need support in this school .And we have SUNDAY SCHOOL CHILDRENS MINISTRY where we really need support like some materials to use and puppets if there is chance because this can make abig impact and child evangelism. But the burden have become so big to us that is why we are requesting people like you whom the lord has called and put aburden to serve him to allow us be connected to you that we may work to gether to advance his kingdom even here.

    we will be very gratefu to hear from you soon.

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