Full Gospel Baptist Fellowship International Conference 2008

The Full Gospel Baptist Fellowship International Conference 2008 promises to be one of the best conferences on this year’s Christian Calender! This year’s conference will take place June 25-27 at The Jefferson Convention Complex in Birmingham, Alabama!

14 Responses

  1. i will like to attend the next confrence infact as a man of Gog am inpressed let me know when you have your next meeting thank u

  2. hello pastor i wiah to attend this year pastors conferences and we come with me two pastors
    pls help me send me invitions letter for i will waiting for your umble reply.
    pastor k.m.israel.
    email ; jglisrael@yahoo.com

  3. Dear Sir, i would like to attend up coming conference,
    please do let me know all the details,
    thank you for the kind help,
    Pastor J.D.Enosh,

  4. Dear Gods people greetings to you from TANZANIA E.A. —- It has been a blessing to know you, and i am very interested with your teachings, please i would like to attend your confereace, let have the detailes. — I will be waiting to hear from you concerning the conference. —- Thank you for your time. Yours in His service Bishop Solomon Mazingwa.

  5. WE like your teacings very much.

  6. WE are praying for the conference.

  7. is it possible for me to attend the upcoming conference as a deligate from india?
    pls inform me with details on this that i may apply for visa and buy tickets.

    pastor rajkumar


  9. God will protect His flock and His purpose! Anyone trying to mess with God’s people will have to deal with Our Almighty God, Ruler and Creator of the Universe directly!!! The man who says there is no God is a FOOL!!! So leave God’s people alone and if you are smart you will hop in on the action and receive Jesus as your personal Lord and Saviour and get blessed too!!!

  10. “And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations [people groups], and then the end will come” (Matthew 24: 14, NIV).

    Dear Pastor …………………..
    Greetings in Jesus Matchless Name!

    It was good to hear of your ministry. It feels good to be a fellow brother
    in Christ in the big kingdom of god. We have church. I started many cell
    churches around Bangalore and other part of Bangalore


    PLANING FOR 2009
    Day care facility for senior citizens.
    Children’s home to cater to the needs of the under privileged and orphans,
    We would be happy to have you visit us anytime and involve yourself in our ministry and encourage us in whatever way God leads you
    Please do keep us in your prayer
    Pastor David Rajkumar
    Messiah Charitable Ministries

  11. -dear please pray about me and my family god as he heal us from our sickness
    -god as he protect and cuver me and my family from every danger and devil and men temptation specialy i have to mach problem in my work place they do not respect me and they want to displace me from my work place
    -god as he fight and bind devil and his serrvants aswellas those who want or try to snach my s blessings and those who aginst me and my family and aginst my blessings and aginst the will of god and those who bind and fasten me and my family from the bigining until now and those who snach our church for there home
    -god as he bind and bring all my s blessings seven fold times aswellas my permanent residence paper and our church those snach by ather person for there home
    -god as he save all of my family ,friends aswellas all my relatives
    -god as he give me and my family peace ,love ,joy,happiness ,love from people ,blessinmgs and clear holy spirit guidance and direction aswellas spouse and permanent residence paper
    -god bless you richly

  12. greets to all in jesus name.this is pandu maddala 30 yeras old working as ane vangelist and fulltime gospel minister at agra and north india.
    we would like to work with you please expand your work to un recahed areas of north india

  13. when is Benny Hinn hoing to be in seattle washition.d.c ??please let me know i’m asking for my grandma…we live in canada…duncan b.c…

  14. hi pastor ,my name is tabita david,and my husband name is amjad david ,we leave in karachi pakistan , we want to attend this yaer converce in germany,pls give us invitaion,than we will come to germany this year,thanks,if you need more information about us pls send me email.i will give you more information thanks, tabita david

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