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  1. Why will you’re candidate tell us the truth of what he really is. We hear him say he is a christian [BUT] He doesn’t believe in creation, he believes in abortion,He does not believe God hates all sin.So what kind of christian is he?HE ATTENDED A CHURCH FOR 20 YEARS,That he now disowns the pastor and says that he doesn’t agree with the sound bites being aired,OK what about the teaching of {BLACK LIBERATION THEOLOGY} this indoctrination went on for [20] YEARS AND AS I HAVE READ UP ON IT so should the American people.Then the not saluting of the flag,and the never been proud to be an American comes into understanding,all the associations and beliefs are from this [NOT TEACHING BUT INDOCTRINATION] I beg you to get this word out so people know the real danger or country is heading for.Don’t let him have the question of Wright, Ayers. Farrican. and all the rest so he can claim [GUILT BY ASSOCIATION AND THE REST OF THE B.S.But lets awaken the people to investigate the truth for them self.The whole truth is in 20 years of[BLACK LIBERATION THEOLOGY] please help and lets pass this information that the media AND OREILLY DON’T want you to know.

  2. I am still voting for Obama!

  3. what does the color of the robes mean

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