I Am Healed! You are Healed!

I Am Healed! You are Healed! With his Stripes We Are Healed! What Jesus suffered many ages ago, allows us to walk in divine health now! Jesus has already paid the price! Walk in the power of knowing that Jesus died to free us from every infirmity, ache, pain, disease, malady, sorrow, grief, iniquity, and all of our transgressions! Jesus can heal you no matter what your condition is! If You Can Have It, God Can Heal It!

One Response

  1. Dear brothers in Christ

    I am a new brazilian resident in Toronto. I am christian and came to Canada on Gods permission and with the promise of a new ministry.
    I have the desire to pray for the sick and that is what i understand which is my ministry. For he has healed me of Cancer in 2003.
    For the last year, the Holy Spirit made me get interested in finding out more and more about healing, miracle and supernatural. I had difficulties in praying or giving my testimony to canadians for 5 months that i lived in a little city Alberta, because there was no opportunity.
    I am going to a church in portuguese, which is my mother language, but that is not what i feel comfortable to be..
    I am looking for some churches in Toronto which takes Healing and Miracle seriously so i can become part of.
    Please let me know more about this church ok

    May God keep blessing you all

    416 990 0992

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