Rev. Al Sharpton

Preach Rev. Sharpton! Whether one agrees with all of his political positions, or not he did come from good stock in the church. Rev. Sharpton came up as a boy preacher under the late COGIC Bishop F. D. Washington!

He May Not Come When You Want Him-But He’s Right On Time!

He May Not Come When You Want Him, But He’s Right On Time! Lynette Hawkins Stephens and the rest of The Hawkins Family sing powerfully in this clip!

Les Brown

Enjoy this motivational moment from Les Brown who is one of the world’s greatest motivation speakers!

Senator Barack Obama’s Landmark Speech on Race!

Senator Barack Obama’s Landmark Speech on Race! Senator Barack Obama shares his vision of a More Perfect Union! Let’s pray that racism will stop rising it’s ugly head so many times in our land!

Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s Message in Context!

Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s Message in Context! Here is Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s in context instead of the many sound bites that some on Fox News have bombarded us with of his America’s Chicklens Are Coming Home to Roost Statement!

Easter/Resurrection Sunday 2008 Schedule of Live Services

Streaming Faith.Com has released it’s list of Easter Services that it will stream live on Easter Sunday 2008! Many people are unable or unwilling to attend services in person. Streaming Faith.Com will provide access for these individuals to attend services via the Internet! Actually it should be called Resurrection Sunday, but we won’t fight over that point at this time! Click the Link below to View Live Easter/Resurection Sunday Services!

Streaming Faith.Com’s List of Streaming Easter/Resurrection Sunday Services

Resurrection Sunday Preview

Here’s a Resurrection Sunday Preview for many Thankful/Grateful Churches far and near. Jesus Christ died for us all! Jesus has also conquered death, hell, and the grave to redeem us from both the curse of the law, and a reserved seat in Hell! He has redeemed so many of us from the hands of the enemy, and he has healed so many of us from various afflicitions, burdens, infirmities, and diseases! Be Blessed and have a wonderful Resurrection Sunday!