Olanda Draper and the Associates

The late Olanda Draper and his choir, The Associates were one of the most cutting edge gospel choirs of it’s time!


3 Responses

  1. To God be the glory! I thank GOD for his creativity through music and songs. You all are products of God’s love, grace and mercy. Surrender to GOD daily your fisrtfruits of prayer,praise,and worship and GOD will bless each of you individually and collectivitly. My soul is blessed everytime i hear one of yor songs. GRACE and PEACE to each of you!


  2. I used to love serving the Associates as their waiter at Apple Bee’s Union Avenue after a Concert. They were a great bunch of people. Orlanda had the common touch. He was also a Business Administration major at LeMoyne-Owen College-Memphis where he was over the Gospel Choir.
    Orlanda was a well respected student. He respected the classical music component of the college as well and was well received as an Artist in Residence.
    This is an example of excellence in music. Bless you Associates!!!!!

  3. good morninh pastor, i am fine, we want to colaboration for you ministry in engagelization area

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