Bishop George Bloomer’s Gospel Play,” Demon in My Bedroom”!

Watch Bishop George Bloomer’s Gospel Play,” Demon in My Bedroom”! This may be a little far out for some of you, yet I think that innovative outreaches like this can reach many with the gospel message!

7 Responses

  1. Enjoyed this excerpt of your play, a great ministry piece.

  2. I’ve really enjoyed the inserts from the play it really blessed my soul.

  3. Dr. Bloomer & Staff:
    This powerful message, this anointed message, is so needed in today’s time. It is something that a lot of Christians don’t like to talk about or acknowledge that these spirits exist. Nor do we like to recognize that we are oppressed by them but thank God for the name of JESUS.
    I only wish that more people could see this powerful presentation that they might be set free. I thank God that He has so many ways of getting the message across if we will only listen.
    My prayers are that many young people especially would view this Word of God in drama. Grace and Peace and blessings of God continue to dwell with you.
    Dr. Mary A. Gilmore

    • Awesome!!!!!!… I only had time to took at one clip.

      Can I purchase this on a d.v.d. ?

      My church should realllllllllllllllllllly see this.!!!
      I can by this… by the Spirit of the Living God.

    AND DEPEND ONLY ON HIM. In our darkest moments no matter what we should always be STEADFAST AND UNMOVEABLE. What a beautiful ministry.
    Thank you for sharing. MAY GOD BLESS.

  5. My heart is touched from watching these plays, may God continue to use these inovactions to truely reach and move in the hearts of individual to turn thier lives around and come to Christ.

    God ‘s blessings
    REV. & Sis. Thomas

  6. To God be the glory! A very heart changing inovaction!

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