Kudos to Superintendent Milton R. Hawkins!

Kudos to Superintendent Milton R. Hawkins! I have not commented much publicly about some of the situations at my former home church, Temple of Deliverance Church of God in Christ in Memphis,Tennessee. I have not agreed with some of the recent happenings there, but I will always love this church. However; I would like to take this opportunity to richly commend Superintendent Milton R. Hawkins on his new television broadcast which recently started airing on a local television affiliate in Memphis,Tennessee. This broadcast can only be viewed in the Memphis and Mid South Area at this particular time. Yet, I am very sure that this area will not be the only area in the future to be blessed by this broadcast. The broadcast was professional, and Superintent Hawkins preached a good word that was sound. Keep up the good work and my compliments on a job well done!

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  1. I believe that this Ministry will always demonstrate a “Move of God” on it. Bishop Patterson died in the Faith and I’m sure his vision for this church will continue. I really don’t believe that any true blogger will totally predict what will happen because the anointing on Pastor Hawkins is a unique one. Change is inevitable but Jesus will remain the same. As long as the Holy Spirit is welcomed and the Holy standards that Pastor Hawkins enforces continues, this will always be an relevant ministry. I believe that Supt. Hawkins will exceed everyone’s imagination and have his own great ministry while honoring his uncle whom he says was his everything. So the best for Temple of Deliverance is yet to come and that’s a lot. In the mean time the overflow that comes from those of us who are connected will be enjoyed as our own lives continue to be enriched just by being connected. Pastor Stephens you are about to be so busy that you won’t really have time to continue this blog. You too have a unique anointing. Just watch!!!!

  2. Thanks for the word young man!

  3. I to have been highly favored and blessed of the Lord by just listening to and being under the leadership of such a great man of God in the person of the late Bishop G. E. Patterson. I have been viewing the telecast Temple of Deliverance Church of God in Christ the Catheral of Bountiful Blessings Ministries ever since it was first established in March 1975. It has been a real good blessing in my life. I just wanted to write and say congrats to Superintendent Milton R. Hawkins on becoming the successing Pastor of Temple of Deliverance Church of God in Christ there in Memphis, TN
    I will always cherish the fond memories that I have of our late Presiding Bishop G. E. Patterson’s Godly Life. Let us always remember his wife Evangelist Louise D. Patterson as well. May God Bless You!!!!


  5. I really think that church and lawsuits and courts should not be in the same sentence. What ever happened to GODS way. If christians are doing the right thing then all would be going as GOD planed. It should not have gotten to a lawsuit. First lady, hang in there, because everybody that say they were called, were not. Some just went, and in it like it’s a business,for the money. I loved Bishop Patterson, he could do a sermon about a loaf of bread and bring souls to christ. I know he is turning over in his grave to see whats taking place. My prayers go out to Sister Patterson.GOD has already worked this out for you. Get that devil out of your church.

  6. Court is indeed not the ideal place for a Saint of God to be in, in an ideal world we would bring our issues before a group of other Saints and resolve those issues there. Well we don’t live in an ideal world, and if the courts are the only place where this issue can be resolved then one should proceed to court. Bishop is not turning over in his grave, but when Bishop was alive he always treated Lady Lou like a queen when I was present which was often!

  7. To the last two comments, We love sister Lou and don’t understand why this information got out. All the Sentiments are for Sister Patterson. Give Pastor Hawkins some sentiments too. It maybe hard for you to believe but Sister Patterson is behind all of this. Be Fair, I know everyone believes Pastor Hawkins this, Pastor Hawkins that. Whether you believe it or accept it or not, it’s not him. This is from someone that loves her dearly but do not agree with the tactics and smear campaign of our Pastor Hawkins. I was there long before you came Pastor Smith And I wouldn’t lie to you. I’m too old for that. Let’s pray that a healing will take place. Just because you don’t agree with the Pastor, don’t get upset with the church for not agreeing with you. I’m sorry Pastor Smith,wrong is wrong no matter who it comes from. I love you too Pastor Smith.

  8. Sister Burns I am not involved in any way shape or form in the affairs of Temple of Deliverance, nor do I care to be. However; I will speak up concerning Sister Patterson, you may have been there long before me( I Came first in 1986), but I spent enough time with Bishop Patterson personally to know his heart! I have spoke up for Pastor Hawkins in posts here before! It is my prayer that he would lead Temple of Deliverance to great heights, and leave Bountiful Blessings to Mother Patterson! I am praying that God would release a healing to all parties involved!

  9. Man the Move of God on Temple of Deliverance is awesome. I listen to wbbp via internet and EVERY TIME Pastor Hawkins preach- he delivers. That’s an anointing. I surely believe that the Holy Ghost is strong enough to bring peace between all parties. I love Sister Patterson dearly and I have never personally met the new Pastor. Bountiful Blessings is my home church. I well understand how things operate there because I was so involved. I learned a lot about Ministry. So for now my only report can be as follows: Bountiful Blessings Web Page is available and I want every single product that’s presented and People are being filled with the Holy Ghost at Temple of Deliverance. My desire is a long prosperous life for Sister Lou and God Bless Supt. Hawkins.

  10. Give Evangelist Patterson what is rightfully hers. If this Pastor Hawkins is conducting affairs illegitimately then he is not worthy of the position. Just because someone preaches good and everyone shouts doesn’t mean that they are called by God. The Pastor and the Bishop came into the church and seems to be conducting financial affairs like quote on quote the worldly people. I thought Chrisitians conducted themselves different. If there is nothing to hide let her see the books. Support the woman of God if you truly loved Bishop Patterson you all would stand by Mrs Patterson as she is being attacked.

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