Bishop Noel Jones

Bishop Noel Jones is preaching with power in this clip!

7 Responses

  1. Bishop Jones listening to your messages is a joy to me. The anointing of the Holy Ghost surely flows and they cause me to be more connected with the Lord.
    May God richly bless you and may His peace and His presence be with you always

  2. Bishop Jones ,God has annointed you to preach the gospel and you do just that.I look forward to hearing
    you. I used to be able to watch you every wednesday
    on bet.And my cable is off now but thanks be to God
    for the internet and preachin Stephen. keep up the
    God work

  3. Pastor Stephen, Amen Bishop Noel Jones is preaching with power, and
    God’s sheep will always hear and know His voice. Praise the Lord for
    the preaching on connection and relationship. Our God Is Love, Our
    God Is Good, Our God Is One. Be Blessed always…Peace!
    Let the redeemed of the LORD say so! Jesus Is Love, John 12:32
    Jesus said in Our Bible {NASB} And I, if I am lifted up from the earth,
    will draw all men to Myself.” Help me lift Jesus, After You’ve Done all
    You Can, “You Just Stand”. Preach Stephen.Com Keep On!

  4. Bishop Jones is a great inspiration, he preaches under the annointing of God and it is so uplifting, thanks for making these videos clips available.

  5. praise be to the father for he is so good. just to say thank you, thank god he uses annoited leaders to spread his truth to us that need guidence. the word you gave last week was a conformation on my life. sometimes we battle and feel like lord can you hear my cries and then bam he lets you know i have not forgotten about you just keep your faith and stand still your time is near. i pray god will continue to use you and all that you ask you shell recieve. please but a prayer in for my children and myself that he will use me in all his will never my own for i will always be a humble servent to the lord. keep standing tall and your eyes on christ, be truly blessed

  6. God just uncovers me ,ever time i hear from him through you.praying for you always. I in you!!

  7. Bishop Jones,
    You blesses my spirit every time I hear you minister. My soul rejoices! Please give me a contact number, so that we may invite you to Mississippi real soon.

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