Go Crystral Go!

There is only one Crystal Rucker!

Apostle Richard Henton

Apostle Richard Henton preaching in Dallas,Texas!

The Creative Arts

There has been an explosion of creative arts and creative ministries that are being incorporated in many of the Worship Services in our churches. Just because Big Mama’s church didn’t do it is not an adequate excuse to overlook the impact of some of these creative outreaches that often are a great draw for many young people!

Bishop George Bloomer

Bishop George Bloomer can crack a joke with the best of them!

Pastor Anthony Wilcot

Pastor Anthony Wilcot is a great preacher that most have never heard of. I loved his father’s ministry during it’s days in Memphis. He pastors a Baptist Church on the East Coast. Pastor Wilcot will be heard from far and near if he keeps God first in his life. Tony I am proud of you!