Creflo Dollar on Larry King Live!

Creflo Dollar on Larry King Live!

2 Responses

  1. I believe Dr.Creflo Dollar is a blessing to the body of Christ. His ministry brought tremendous transformation to my live and others. His finanacial as well as spiritual prosperity are an evidence of God’s blessings to those who serve Him in spirit and in truth. He is just an evidence of God’s manisfested goodness. God has blessed him just as he blessed Job in the Bible. Goal and silver belongs to God and there is nothing wrong in the prosperity of a servant of God. I would rather recommend his critics to listen to his teachings rather than blaspheming.He teaches God words with all simplicity and clearity.He has a deep insight in the word and that is what the church needs in this era.


  2. looks like he came accross well to me – i couldnt see anything wrong in anything he was saying

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