Bishop Jakes in Huge Washington, D. C. New Years Revival!


Bishop Jakes in Huge Washington, D. C. New Years Revival! First Baptist Church of Glenarden, and Greater Mount Calvary Holy Church of Washington, D. C. are having a 3 night revival featuring, Bishop T. D. Jakes, as their guest speaker each night! Tye Tribbett, Richard Smallwood, and Tramaine Hawkins are the featured musical guests! Will D. C. come out in mass for this revival? Both Churches are sure planning that they will because the meeting will be held at The Washington , DC Convention Center! There are certainly many  in the D. C. area that will be blessed by this meeting!

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4 Responses

  1. Where can I get more information on the new year 2008 revival.

  2. AMAZING!!!! I could go on and on telling everyone how great Bishop Jakes was but I’ll just say AMAZING!!!!!!! Tytribett was a BLESSING! I went to the revival in 2007, and 2008 I can’t wait until next year. Thank you! Greater Mount Calvary, and First Baptist of Glenarden.

  3. Giving Honor and Praises To Those Who Are Called,

    Pastor Jenkins,

    It was a pleasure to be in your presence along with others at the New Year’s Revival. I am however, concerned with your closing remarks. I participated in the” Deaf Ministry” and appreciate all that is being done to accommodate those such as myself) who have the need.

    After all was said and done and the Bishop did what he does best and that is to Inspire those who need the affirmation that GOD loves us, your closing remarks dampened my spirit. You see, I am a Believer, so words cannot do to me now what they used to do. I do, however, feel a lot of empathy towards those who may not have reached the same pinnacle as I have and I feel your words to the people who attended only “One” night might have CRUSHED some SPIRITS.

    I haven’t heard the words UNSAVED and HEATHENS in a long time. On Friday evening I sat next to a person who clearly has an alcohol problem. Now, I have a real problem with alcoholism and the rancid smells etc. Not because I consumed it but because my old life was impacted so harshly by individuals who choose this culture. I braced myself and showed the new me to this gentleman by embracing him and high-5ing him all evening. Soon the appearances and his problem seem miniscule.

    I moved to another area to share the closing with a friend and wondered how the shine in this man’s eyes may have turned dim with your remarks. Having heard you speak and having heard a little about who you are and things you have overcome made me wonder, “DID YOU ASK GOD TO FORGIVE YOU FOR WHAT YOU SAID?

    On the second evening, a gentleman came in late and sat beside me. His hair was painted blue. Immediately I threw away judgment and listened to this young man respond to his calling in the spirit. He mentioned that he did not intend to be late but was glad that he had come in time. At offering he had very little money, my assumption was that he wanted to give and he gave what little he had but he left with more than he had before. Both of us.

    Please find a way to make a worldly concession to those who may have been hurt or swayed by your remarks. You never know why those people chose to come only on Friday evening. It might have been their calling.


    Gwendolyn Parker-Harris MA
    Family Service Worker/Advocat/Activist

    Cc: Other Believers


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