BET has a Hit With Sunday Best

BET has a bonafide hit with it’s new show, “Sunday Best”! What do you think of this show?
BET’s Sunday Best 

11 Responses


  2. the show is not good. the advice isnt good and God’s ppl are not in competition with eachother. I came across the show one night and was disgusted. they told the one who was dressed decent to be sexy. Its about Jesus, not looking sexy. Anyway how can they let these ppl stay like the one with the shades. thats crazy. they like the worldly party goers bc thats their type. they are showing us that its all about being like the world and not like Christ. This show doesnt exhibit the characteristics of Christ. judges give bad advice and are mean at times. we as God’s ppl are not suppose to act like that. theres a such thing as constructive criticism, you give a negative to work on but you clean it up. be professional, there are better ways to put things. this show wants to be like the world so bad that they abandon Christ’s standards and go on their own standards and agendas. When are ppl going to learn that we are in this world but not of thisworld. there is a standard whether one wants to admit it or not. Strive to be like Jesus. many ppl (the show) want to be accepted by the world so they lower their standards and try to mix the world’s standards with God’s standards. Yes we can still have fun and have a wonderful happy life without putting the worlds standards before God’s standards. some ppl are not truly dedicated anyway thats why the devil can slip in and get them. Back to the show- God’s ppl are not in competition with eachother. He is a God of order and not confusion. A kingdom divided against eachother cannot stand.

  3. I agree with Samantha,sunday best is a cheap copy of american idol.i just dont understand why saints would want to resort to that kind of a format to discover authentic gospel talent.there is a difference between clean and unclean,holy and unholy says the may not look like it based on today’s
    worldly practices that are encouraged in the was no surprise to me that Mary Mary would encourage that young lady to dress more provocative.Look at the way they dress,cleavage out,ultra tight fitting clothes,really you can’t expect nothing else from a pig but a grunt.They are not modest so it’s not surprising that they wouldn’t encourage modesty.the young lady is coming from a promiscuous background and admitted to being a stripper.her desire to cover up I believe is prompted by that.I think it was rather insensitive of that judge to chide her about her clothes especially since she didn’t comment about the contestant who was dressed like she was headed to club estasy.these are the last days and prophecy got to fulfill.the bible says so great will be the deception in the earth that if it were possible the very elect would be deceived,but not all of us is falling for the junk that is passing for gospel.there is a remnant that will not bow.we may not be popular or attain fame and success as men define it but in the end we will be saved.Eternity is too long to be wrong,straight is the gate and narrow is the way that leadeth to life and few there be that find it.May the Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on us.

  4. At least with American Idol we dont expect people to act in a Christian manner when critizing them. ” Dress more sexy ? ” Are you kidding me, maybe they should just let Beyonce be a judge, she dresses like a Christian. (NOT). BET has some of the worst shows on T.V. and this show is adding to the list of bad programing.

  5. I don’t think this show is a copy or a phony…’s just a great show! It’s funny how church-folk talk about how the world has everything and the church never has an opportunity to showcase it’s talent…then finally a show that represents Jesus finally airs and church-folk find something to complain about! In the bible Paul talked about some who were preaching the name of Jesus, but they had bad motives. Paul didn’t stop them from preaching, but he rejoiced because he knew that whatever the case may be…Christ was being preached! We live in a society in which the name of Jesus is literally banned from network TV…that’s why i support any show that glorifies the name of Jesus Christ……Stop complaining, stop hating and start rejoicing!!!

  6. Thank you brother!!!!!!!

  7. Rev. M. Tanner Jr- Sunday best isnt preaching Jesus, it is showing so called saved artist acting worldly for the sake of ratings. There must be a better way to show case young Christian artist without asking them to dress SEXY, lose weight, or give the appearence of a thug. I think Paul was more interested in real life, than a reality game show. ( Of course I cant take this show to seriously considering it was produced by BET. The same station that produced the show HOT GETTO MESS,)

  8. American Idol doesn’t preach Jesus either, and I would figure that over the last 4 years that you have watched more American Idol than Sunday’s Best. I have not heard anything about dressing sexy on this show, nor have I heard someone tell a contestant to lose weight on this show. The exposure that this show is getting is not all bad. I personally enjoy this show, and if that is a sin, I will pray that the Heavenly Father would forgive me for my Watching Sunday’s Best Sins!

  9. I saw the first 3 shows and it seems like things have calmed down a bit. On the first show the judges were very harsh, I do remember them asking a women to dress more sexy, and another to lose weight. And yes I have watched more American Idol (AI)than Sunday Best(SB). But with A.Idol I dont expect to hear or see any sort of Christian behavior. But Sunday Best builds itself as a Christian form of A.Idol, and it comes out looking like a watered down version just singing gospel songs with Christian acting more like those of the world and not of God. Having said all that, it is good to see all the great young talent being show cased.I havnt seen the show in a while (I have issues with BET). Iam sure the show will bring out some new talented people.

  10. well i thank the show good .

  11. We have to start somewhere! We are always crying about not getting a break so now we have one. Be greatful!

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