Name It and Claim It!

Name It and Claim It! The late Bishop G. E. Paterson tells us to name it and claim it!

Time Magazine Article: Are Mega-Preachers Scandal Prone?

Time Magazine Article: Are Mega-Preachers Scandal Prone? I am including this tidbit from the article, “Indeed, beyond the scandal of the moment, Pentecostalism has produced a culture of superstar preachers whose lives are always at risk of being turned into something close to secular entertainment”. Click below to read the rest of this article!

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Creflo Dollar in Memphis,Tennessee!

Creflo Dollar and his Creflo Dollar Ministries will be in Memphis,Tennessee for one of their Change Conventions! View the details below!

Memphis, TN
October 5, 2007


The Cannon Center
255 N. Main Street
Memphis, TN 38103

Speaker Schedule

Speaker Time
Dr. Creflo A. Dollar


10:00 A.M.
7:00 P.M.

How Sweet the Sound Memphis!

How Sweet the Sound Memphis is searching for the best church choirs in Memphis,Tennessee! The 9 finalists will perform live at The Fed Ex Forum on October 6, 2007! Click below to view the choirs that are finalists!

How Sweet the Sound Memphis.Com 

G. Craige Lewis on Black Parenting!

G. Craige Lewis on Black Parenting! I don’t agee with every thing that G. Craige Lewis says, yet I must admit that he does bring many issues to the table that the traditional church has remained silent on!